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Asset Quality Manager - CECL Model Software

Software Solutions for Financial Institutions

Every CECL calculation. Every detail. Every delinquency. Done.

Now more than ever, aligning your teams to a better early warning system and workout management solution can position your financial institution for success. Deploying Asset Quality Manager ensures that your people, processes and tracking are prioritized throughout your organization. Let Asset Quality Manager be your single source of truth for every nonperforming loan.

Here are some AQM features at a glance:

  • Automatically generates the required delinquency reports and Watch Lists based on a customizable set of variables determined by your institution
  • Coordinates teams across multiple segments and governance structures through the fact-finding, strategy selection and customer negotiation processes of troubled loans
  • Quickly documents actions, centralizes memos and agreements, and confirms procedures to identify problems and increase your institution’s responsiveness to challenges
  • Easily scales up your recovery teams and efficiently hands-off relationships on troubled loans from the original relationship manager to your in-house recovery experts
  • Harmonizes your impairment testing (ASC 310-10) and specific reserves with your institution’s Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses with dynamic modeling for both ALLL and Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) accounting standards required by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)

Asset Quality Manager serves:  Banks & Credit Unions

How it works

Working on-premises with your financial institution’s core data, Asset Quality Manager replaces a typically siloed and labor-intensive method with unified, actionable and defensible processes that results in increased efficiency, transparency and confidence. Asset Quality Manager covers:

  • Loan Data Capture and Storage
  • Settings Customizations
  • Historical Performance Lookbacks
  • Multi-scenario Forward Loss Modeling

“AQM provides the information I need to quickly understand the condition of the entire loan portfolio while also allowing me to dig deeper into what is going on with respect to individual relationships” – $250M Community Banking CEO

Grow Public Deposits Relationships

Manage loan lifecycles using the CECL Model.

Asset Quality Manager is built to manage your process today and stores the necessary data you need for tomorrow. Not only does it standardize loan-level monitoring and action decisions, but it also adds a managerial view to further focus your organization’s responsiveness to trends.

In anticipation of CECL enforcement, our solution gives you the flexibility to choose from up to four methodologies to bridge the current incurred loss method. We’ve partnered with a national accounting firm’s leading CECL expert to design our models and we received methodology validation from another regional accounting firm.

Management of Delinquent or Classified Assets

Leveraging your data is critical to monitoring and managing your troubled loans. Having all the necessary information in a single database allows you to better strategize and quickly make decisions that can mitigate credit losses.

Asset Quality Manager stores the necessary historical data that allows you to develop the overarching strategy with your workout team. Your action plans are documented in the software, making it easier for the team to know the most current information quickly.

The data comes together to allow Asset Quality Manager to quickly and efficiently calculate ALLL, as well as produce clear and concise reporting for board oversight.

Schedule a demo

Interested and want to see Asset Quality Manager in action? Take a moment and schedule our free demonstration so you can see the product at work. Our team will walk through the features and interface with you, answering any questions along the way.