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Sweep Repos – Quenching Depositors’ Thirst For Protection

Sweep repos could be an overlooked solution for deposit protection. Despite recent discussions about other methods like retaining uninsured deposits and utilizing tools such as EDIE reciprocal deposits sweep repos offer a simpler alternative. The clock is ticking, and customers desire safety for their deposits.


Using Repurchase Agreements to Grow and Protect Customer Deposits

Repurchase agreements, or repos, are a form of secured borrowing commonly used in financial markets. Click the button below to watch our video on the distinction between custody repos and tri-party repos, which were created to protect customers' interests.


Stratman Solutions

Stratman Solutions wasn’t created by industry outsiders who saw an opportunity. It was created out of necessity, by bankers in search of solutions to streamline operations, increase efficiencies and reduce costly, labor-intensive processes. For nearly three decades, Stratman has provided deposit account sweep solutions (overnight repos), loan quality management, ALLL and CECL reporting and other strategic software solutions to financial institutions.  Stratman has supported and improved operations within hundreds of Financial Institutions across the country, including our own.  Stratman’s pledge to our customers is to only provide easy to use, compliant and secure software solutions that we use ourselves.  That’s why our customers, banks and credit unions alike, trust us with their business – again and again.

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Stratman Solutions

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We were honored by Banking CIO Outlook as the Top Retail Banking Solution Provider of 2021. Read our feature article in Banking CIO Outlook’s recent publication.

Top solution provider award Stratman Solutions