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Asset Quality Manager: Meet your asset watchdog.

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Creating software you can bank on down to the last detail.

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Bank Sweep Manager: Sweep away inefficiency.

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Solutions built by bankers, for Bankers.

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The Banker's Problem Loan Toolkit

Is your asset management action plan as strong as it could be? At Stratman Solutions, we’re constantly looking for ways to deliver value to our clients. That’s why we’ve created a free eBook packed with tools and insights to help you increase efficiency at your organization.


5 Questions to Ask Before your Next Exam

When regulatory bodies periodically conduct exams, examiners consider many details. Are you prepared? Unfavorable ratings can lead to increased premiums and your team being tasked with more work to provide actionable reports of improvement. Ask yourself these five questions, and you’ll be on your way to being prepared for your next exam.


Building the solutions we needed ourselves.

Stratman Solutions wasn’t created by industry outsiders who saw an opportunity. It was created by bankers who were searching for solutions to increase efficiency out of necessity. For over two decades, we’ve pledged to only create secure software solutions we use ourselves. That’s our honest edge. And that’s why our customers trust us again and again.

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