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Building the solutions we needed ourselves.

The promise we set out to accomplish from the day we opened our doors is simple: to provide unmatched software and service, and only deliver solutions we rely on ourselves.

With decades of industry experience and an entrepreneurial spirit, that’s exactly what we did. We’ve found success by crafting solutions from first-hand experience, operating with integrity, and bringing a people-first service approach that is often left behind in the software industry.

Our history

Over two decades ago, we launched our first product, Bank Sweep Manager®.

Today, that product, along with our suite of additional software solutions, has been trusted by countless financial institutions across the country to ensure accuracy, increase efficiency and provide peace of mind that every detail is taken care of.

Now, we continue to develop new products as well as continually improve existing offerings to maximize our customers’ profitability and compliance.


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It is really about you

It’s all too common that software companies offer the product with little to no support. We believe that support is truly what makes the software function at its highest and provides you the greatest impact. That’s why our team offers frequent and accessible communication, so we can ensure our solutions are operating with the highest level of efficiency possible.

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