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Collateralized Deposit Manager

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Grow your public deposit relationships with confidence.

Quickly deploy and manage the collateralization of public deposits with Collateralized Deposit Manager. Our solution is designed to support the on-balance sheet growth of high-value public deposits in your community and beyond.

Here are some of the features our customers boast about:

  • Sets your rates and keeps your institution’s public deposit relationships on your balance sheet without the costs of manual processes, compliance risk, private insurance, cutoff limitations and more
  • Completes public depositor balance collateralization updates in minutes each day using an on-premise file extract that works with every core provider
  • Automatically produces, archives and delivers collateralized deposit confirmations to custodians and customers

Collateralized Deposit Manager serves: Banks & Credit Unions

How it works

Collateralized Deposit Manager is deployed on-premises – eliminating data security concerns and API limitations. Our software imports data from any core system automatically by using a daily batch file.

In a matter of seconds, the Collateralized Deposit Manager application allocates deposit balances to your available collateral to secure balances in excess of FDIC or NCUA limits.

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Saved time, increased accuracy

Collateralized Deposit Manager is the leading tool for collateralized public deposits and is proven to save you time and win public deposit business. This solution’s beauty lies in its flexibility and scalability for financial institutions nationwide. Additionally, its stand-alone nature allows it to work seamlessly alongside any core system. The result? Balance updates that are accurate, always compliant and only take minutes.

Schedule a demo

Interested and want to see Collateralized Deposit Manager in action? Take a moment and schedule our free demonstration so you can see the product at work. Our team will walk through the features and interface with you, answering any questions along the way.