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Bank Sweep Manager

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Secure top depositor relationships overnight.

Our first and most popular software solution, Bank Sweep Manager, is trusted by hundreds of banks across the nation to administer and manage their fully compliant, on-balance sheet sweeps in just minutes every day.

Here’s what sets our sweep solution apart:

  • Offers unparalleled protection in excess of FDIC insurance using on-balance sheet overnight repos
  • Automatically and securely generates and delivers required daily repurchase agreement confirmations for customers
  • Provides your bank with control of rates, fees and sweep thresholds that complement your existing deposit solutions
  • Simplifies taxes for your top depositors, ensuring only one 1099 tax form per account
  • Automatically creates FDIC-required confirmations, annual disclosures and other notices, and archives them

Bank Sweep Manager serves: Banks

How it works

Our solution is crafted with usability and simplicity in mind. The stand-alone software is deployed on-premises, eliminating data security concerns and API limitations. Our software imports data from any core system automatically by using a daily file.

Daily sweep account processing takes only minutes. Following your daily pricing of securities, the solution optimizes the allocation of balances and pledged securities in excess of FDIC limits.

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Sweeps made simple

Deliver peace of mind to your customers with a sweep program that is easy to explain, delivers proven performance and is fully compliant. Bank Sweep Manager has enabled financial institutions to serve thousands of households while passing audit and regulatory examination for almost 25 years.

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Interested and want to see Bank Sweep Manager in action? Take a moment and schedule our free demonstration so you can see the product at work. Our team will walk through the features and interface with you, answering any questions along the way.

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