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Software Solutions for Financial Institutions

Focused on Providing Quality Software Solutions

Stratman Solutions’ software for financial institutions is the toolkit that helps banks and credit unions improve efficiency and compliance. We have over 20 years of experience in developing software solutions specifically targeted to meet the needs of the financial services industry.

We have a long track record of successful implementation across the country and have passed hundreds of exams through the years. Our user-friendly software solutions can assist your team in a variety of ways. Whether you need help in attracting and retaining top depositors, calculating ALLL, preparing for CECL, delinquency tracking and comprehensive reporting, troubled loan action plans, or quickly collateralizing public deposits, our solutions are the answer.

Stratman products were developed by bankers, for bankers. Our own team of banking experts work side by side with us to develop our products. Our professionals are in tune with industry changes and challenges and help us determine what software to develop. We discover the most efficient and compliant way to solve the challenge, and we build the software that is then utilized in our bank.

But you didn’t just hear it from us. We are very proud to be named a Top Retail Banking Solution Provider of 2021 by Banking CIO Outlook magazine. Banking CIO Outlook provides the financial services industry the most comprehensive collection of technology trends. To be chosen as one of their top solutions is quite an honor, and it means you can trust in the quality of our software solutions and the expertise of our team.

In the financial services industry, where attention to detail, risk management, and compliance are a high priority, Stratman continues to be a proven winner in banking software solutions.

Top solution provider award Stratman Solutions

Top Retail Banking Solution Provider of 2021

Award-Winning Solutions

We were honored by Banking CIO Outlook as the Top Retail Banking Solution Provider of 2021. Read our feature article in Banking CIO Outlook’s recent publication.